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I love writing, cool ideas, and making people laugh. 
Ideally all at once.


It all started when my mum met my dad on an unusually warm, Tasmanian September evening….

Enter: Me.
A fearless, independent, empathetic child with a passion for books.
And playing horses on my razor scooter.


Somewhere along the way, I decided my love for words was too great to ignore and moved to
Melbourne from Tasmania to pursue my advertising calling. 


An RMIT degree and AWARD School top 10 place later, I’m currently on my latest venture
with The Brand Agency working on the Bunnings AU+NZ account.


I’d like to say I’ve evolved, but underneath it all I’m still the same adventurous, word loving child.
Minus the razor scooter :(


If I’m not plotting my next entrepreneurial idea,  I’m rewatching the greatest show of all time,
Modern Family. A true work of art littered with nuggets of inspiration I draw upon often.


And so, I’ll leave you with my favourite quote from the man himself, Phil Dunphy:


“Think inside the box. Yep, I said inside. Because while everyone is chasing
each other around outside the box, you know what the box is? Empty”


AWARD School 2022

Top 10 student

The Brand Agency 2022 -present
Junior Copywriter

The Right Remark 2020


RMIT University 2018-2020

Bachelor of Communication (Advertising) with Distinction

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